Sustainable Development of Tropical and Subtropical Marine Aquaculture



The mission of ScienceFish is to promote sustainable and responsible aquaculture and seafood practices.

Developments in the global seafood market have clearly demonstrated the environmental and socio-political awareness of consumers and their increasing demands for politically correct, long-term sustainable both environmentally and economically, socio-economically acceptable, and produced with responsible management practices. ScienceFish strongly believes that the result of such strategy for development of tropical mariculture is both in the best economic interest of aquaculture & seafood companies and to the benefit of local and global economies and its peoples.


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Cobia, Rachycentron canadum - Credit Brian O'Hanlon


Cobia is one of the prime candidate aquaculture species to be cultured worldwide in tropical waters. Ideally water temperature minimum should be not below 20 ºC.  Cobia meets all the criteria to be a very successful aquacultured fish species to come to supermarkets in the US, Europe and other parts the world. Although it is an easy species to culture, it is also quite susceptible to disease. One big difference to Salmon and temperate species such as the European Seabass and Sea Bream is that culture water temperature is a lot higher. Therefore most culture operations are (and will be) in developing or underdeveloped countries. The latter appears to be an important and somewhat unexpected challenge still holding back it's production and promised appearance in world markets.




Seriola lalandi - Yellowtail Jack/Kingfish



Atractoscion nobilis - White Seabass



Cobia juveniles in cage off Campeche - Mexico



Cobia feeding frenzy in cage off Campeche - Mexico



Microalgae Cultures from Test tubes, and 125 to 1000ml  Erlenmeyer flasks w/o and with aeration in Air-Conditioned room



Semi-continuos production of 3 species of microalgae i.e. Caribbean strain of Isochrysis sp, Nannochloropsis oculata and Tetraselmis suecica




Microalgae culture in 90L Fiberglass Cylinders using natural sunlight and CO2 injection. Seawater (filter-)sterilized by 10, 5, 1, 0.35 micron cartridge filter followed by UV



Rotifer - Brachionus sp w/ eggs



Experimental/Small-scale !5L Artemia Cyst Incubators on Greenhouse Deck





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