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2008    Benetti, D.D., Sardenberg, B., Welch, A., Hoenig, R., Orhun, M.R., and Zink, I. Intensive Larval Husbandry and Fingerling Production of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum. Aquaculture 281(1-4), 22-27. link to publication

2008    Benetti, D.D., Orhun, M.R., Sardenberg, B., O’Hanlon, B., Welch, A., Hoenig, R., Zink, I., Rivera, J., Denlinger, B., Bacoat, D., Palmer, K., Cavalin, F. Advances in hatchery and grow-out technology of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum. Aquaculture Research 39, to publication

2007    Benetti, D., Orhun, R., Zink, I., Cavalin, F., Sardenberg, B., Palmer, K., Denlinger, B., Bacoat, D., and B. O’Hanlon. Aquaculture of Cobia Rachycentron canadum in the Americas and the Caribbean. In “Cobia Aquaculture: Research Development and Commercial Production” (I Chiu Liao and Eduardo M. Leano (eds.), 57-77. link to publication

2006    Benetti, D., Brand, L., Collins, J., Orhun, R., Benetti, A., O'Hanlon, B., Danylchuk, A., Alston, D., Rivera, J., and Cabercas, A. Can offshore aquaculture be sustainable. World Aquaculture 37(1), March 2006, pg.: 44:47 Link to Publication

2006    Zink, I., Cavalin, F., Bacoat, D., Denlinger, B., Palmer, K., Sardenburg, Kirkpatrick, R., Orhun, R. Benetti, D. A. U.S. Trials compare commercial diets fed to juvenile Cobia. GAA Advocate Vol. 9 (2): 53-54. Link to Publication



2005    Benetti, D.D., M. Nakada and M.R. Orhun.Aquaculture of Yellowtail Hamachi, Seriola quinqueradiata. Aquaculture Compendium, CABI Ed. Available at the internet at as CD.

2005    Rotman, F.J. Benetti, D.D., DeMicco, E. and, and M.R. Orhun. Larval rearing of spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus (Sciaenidae) using probiotics as microbial control agent. J. Aquacult. Tropics. Indian Inst. of Technology, May 2005: 175-184.      

2002    Benetti, D.D. and Orhun, M.R. Aquaculture of pelagic fish: IV. Cobia (Rachycentron canadum). GAA Advocate Vol. 5(1), 61-62. Link to Publication

2001      Benetti, D.D., Alarcon J.F., Stevens, O., Rotman, F., Banner-Stevens, G., Zimmermann, S., Feeley, M.W., Matzie, W., Orhun, M.R., O'Hanlon, B., Eldridge, L. Marine fish culture in Latin American and Caribbean countries. GAA Advocate Vol. 4 (4): 71-74. Link to Publication

2001      Orhun, M.R., Benetti, D.D.  Rotifer management in marine fish culture. GAA Adv. 4 (3): 49-50. Link to Publication

2001      Orhun, M.R. Marine fish larvae dynamics.  An empirical and quantitative analysis.  Ph.D. dissertation. University of Miami, 201pg.

1997      Haktenir, A.T., Beken, M.D., and Orhun, M.R.  Design and application of a 16-port feeder control unit. In "Mediterranean Fisheries Congress". Proceeding of the Mediterranean Fisheries Congress 1997, Istanbul, Turkey. (B. Hossu ed.), 119-122.  

1991    Orhun, M.R., Johnson, S.R., Kent, D.B., and R.F. Ford.  Practical approach to high-density rotifer production. In "Rotifer and Micro algae Culture Systems", Fulks and Main (eds.), pg.: 73-78.  Proceedings of an U.S.-Asia Workshop, Honolulu, HI, 1991. The Oceanic Institute Link to Publication

1989   Orhun, M.R. Early Life history of white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis.  M.S. thesis. San Diego State University, 162pg.






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